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For sound decisions you need reliable information.

BAR CODE provides a strategic advantage to steel fabricators who want dramatic improvements in shop throughput, material tracing, shipping accuracy, and the time and effort it takes to complete detailed physical inventories. This investment reduces the human error in collecting data from the shop floor and also dependency on paper reports and logs. Bar coding improves the overall reliability and timeliness of information for making sound, effective business decisions.

Bar Code

Incoming Material Bar Coding begins with a completed Visual Steel 2000 purchase order which can be added to the open orders file. Heat numbers can be pre-assigned based on vendor data labels printed. As labels are printed, line items are automatically removed from the open orders file and added to the closed orders file. If a label is lost or damaged, it can be reprinted from the closed orders file.


Material Movement Through the Shop. Labels are applied to purchased material on arrival. After the material is moved to a physical location in your facility, the label is scanned and location is entered. Visual Steel 2000 inventory is updated for the received material. If inventory is moved, the label is scanned and the new location is entered to update Visual Steel 2000 inventory. A project number is entered as inventory is removed for fabrication. The scan updates Visual Steel 2000 inventory and the project is charged for the usage. If a remnant is created, a label is printed and applied before it is returned to stock.

Finished goods labels can be created either from a Visual Steel 2000 cutting list or from the bill of material. As cutting lists are posted in Visual Steel 2000 Fabricator, bar coded labels are printed. If a label is lost or damaged, it can be reprinted by selecting the cut lists history. Any one or all printed labels can be reprinted. As pieces are processed through the saw or burning station, a label is applied to the shipping piece. It can be scanned to update Visual Steel 2000 production for the cutting station.

Loading and Shipping. When a shipping piece is processed at any Visual Steel 2000 production station, it can be scanned to update Visual Steel 2000 production.

Contents of a truckload for shipping can be created by entering the truck number and scanning shipping mark labels as they are loaded onto the trailer. Loading accuracy is improved and an opportunity is provided to review completion before the truckload leaves the facility. Loading lists are generated from bar code scanning.

Labels can be applied to painted material prior to shipping by printing two labels for all shipping pieces that are routed to the paint station.

Physical Inventory. Bar code takes the pain out of physical inventory:

  • Count is completed faster because the need to identify parts is eliminated.
  • Reduces chance of human transposition or unit of measure errors.
  • Minimizes incorrect, missing or incomplete part identification.

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