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Change is hard. Results are worth it.


We're proud of our flagship product and consider it the most flexible and comprehensive suite of applications for the Steel industry today. But Steel Solutions is more than a software company. We specialize in providing the steel industry the most advanced solutions to its most difficult problems. Our consulting team stands ready to assist when you are grappling with the stiffest of challenges.

Organizational Change Management

One of the hardest parts of shaping the future of an organization is changing its direction or changing the "company culture." As anyone who has been involved in such an effort knows, the easy part is to define what you want the organization to be. Where most efforts fail is in making change happen. Traditional consultants will come in pushing a "cookie cutter" approach to solving your organizational challenges.

Steel Solutions Consultants look at each company with a different perspective. Before an approach can be defined, a thorough evaluation of the organization must take place. Issues examined include experience level of the management team, resistance to change, past levels of success, levels of trust and cooperation, and current organization structure. The key to our recommendations are based on practical experience and real-world applications. The results of our recommendations are positive change and rejuvenation of your organization.



Information Management Systems

Should you completely replace your existing Information Management Systems or manage differently the ones you have? In today's business environment, they are the central nervous system of your operation. The health of your organization depends heavily on the reliability and timeliness of critical information. Our Information Management professionals can help you assess the current status of your hardware, network processes, and software applications. We stand ready to help you make any changes you deem necessary.

Automated Data Collection

Wholly integrated into Visual Steel 2000 through our Bar Code Module, SSI can integrate automated data collection into your existing production control system. This will not require you to abandon your existing system to gain the dramatic strategic benefits of automated data collection such as:

  • Dramatic reduction of human error in data entry. • Significant reductions in man-hours required for and duration of physical inventories.
  • Unparalleled gains in confidence that the numbers you see are the "right" numbers.
  • "Gnats-eye" (Who, What, When) detail for traceability and shop floor error tracking.

The process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing system and definition of functional requirements. Let us show you the possibilities.

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