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Estimate it the way you build it.

ESTIMATOR is a power tool that leaves little to chance. Its open architecture adapts to a variety of estimating philosophies so that structural, bridge girder, and miscellaneous steel fabricators can quickly and easily acquire more accurate estimates.

Establishing your particular shop environment, equipment, material handling capabilities, and machine rates is a snap using the easy yet comprehensive setup screens. You can customize the way the program works, its input screens, its browse screens and your output reports directly from a menu.


  • A few keystrokes conforms Estimator to calculate freight based on your normal extension method.
  • Paint estimates are based on square footage and coverage factors.
  • Shipping pieces are counted for erection estimating.
  • Material prices can be extended based on values that you have stored in the four warehouse and mill price flies.
  • Labor is generated using simulated shop routings and rates duplicating the way you would build it.

Fast and Accurate Takeoffs

  • The takeoff procedure is so logical and simple, an entire Visual Steel 2000 estimate can be input using nothing more than the familiar ten-key pad.
  • Automatic inclusion and sizing of connections provides fast and precise takeoffs.
  • Holes are automatically included with shop and field bolt counts given.
  • Accurate estimates of shop man-hours are the norm because sophisticated simulation techniques incorporate user-defined shop capacities, rates, and processing algorithms.
Track jobs from the bid to the bank.

Developed by fabricators for fabricators, Visual Steel 2000 is a completely integrated steel fabrication management system. The Estimator module can be used with other system modules to monitor your projects all the way from the bid to the invoice, giving you complete control over every aspect of production. And while it's easy to learn and use, Visual Steel 2000 has the depth and capability to meet the needs of the most demanding fabricator. Know your true costs to gain the competitive advantage in expanded markets.

Built in flexibility

  • Up front parameters allow you to estimate your way
  • Get up and running fast. Use supplied rates while you formulate your own shop model
  • Full support for international sizes gives you a competitive advantage in the world market
  • See labor at the machine level as each line is entered.
  • Easy to use with familiar and limited keystrokes
  • A different set of specifications or grades can be assigned for each type of material
  • Because the estimator doesn't have to be concerned with machine capacities or rates, a takeoff easily becomes a costed estimate
  • User selects shop model with each estimate and can run multiple scenarios.
  • Multiple paint systems can be included in the same job to get the desired clean and paint labor and materials

Performance features

  • True 32-bit performance increases processing speed over t6-bit
  • Customized browse screens allow each user to view data in any order desired
  • Speed input by automatically duplicating selected fields
  • Last 5 to 25 lines of input are scrolled at top of screen allowing review of prior input as you enter new data
  • Eliminate repetitious keystrokes by customizing the program to default to your standard labor operations by product class


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