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Fabricate with complete control of your resources.

Fabricator manages all information about a project. From the time a job is awarded and the material is multed for buying, through charging final costs to the job, Fabricator puts you in control of all your resources.

Fabricator Modules

MILL ORDER, integrated with purchase order, inventory and production modules, gives you total control over acquiring and applying material.

  • Mult automatically or manually. Quickly search your inventory to find stock or remnants from previous jobs.
  • Process mill cut and warehouse lengths to boost your buying power and cut costs.
  • Place requirements on a purchase order and be assured that material will be applied to the cutting list in the same manner it was purchased.

PURCHASE ORDER lets you place and receive orders for steel and miscellaneous items.

  • Each piece of material carries its own pricing structure, including freight whether ordered in pieces or bundles.
  • Receive ordered material by line item and shipper number or by a total purchase order. Trace quickly. The inventory file is automatically updated for job specific and stock pieces with actual cost, bay location, heat number, and supplier information.

INVENTORY controls one of your most valuable assets—material on hand. What’s more, Inventory meets the requirements of a job shop fabricator and a service center or steel warehouse...in a single package.

  • Because stock and job specific material are managed within the same database, it’s easy to transfer material from stock to job, or job to job.
  • Track and return remnants to the database for use on future advance bills and cutting lists.
  • Use a wide range of standard reports and easily produce customized  reports. All database information is accessible.

DRAWING CONTROL lets you manage all the data vital to transmittals, drawings, approvals, requests for information and telephone conversations, right from the start.

  • Approval transmittals are tracked, and the status of every drawing can be queried by any department.
  • Reports detailing the date each transmittal is sent for approval, the due date, and the actual date of return make preparing for job site meetings a simple matter.
  • You will always know the status of drawings when producing shop schedules and cut lists because Drawing Control interfaces directly with the Production Control.

BILLS OF MATERIAL can be entered manually from shop drawings or electronically through files created by most computerized detailing systems.

  • When a piecemark is entered, the Mill Order file is updated to automatically include sizing and cutting information.
  • The system encourages control over the project to ensure that you use your material according to plan.
  • Cutting lists can be produced to pick out the fabrication zones desired, drawings to be included, type or category of material, and whether or not you want main material or detail.


  • Production scheduling allows you to produce and release cutting lists as drawings are approved and the raw material becomes available. You can prioritize the lists according to production plan and delivery schedules.
  • Our truck loading module assists in staging each truckload within its legal weight limit and will produce a shipping ticket to go along with each load.
  • Movement of material and application of labor is easily tracked through the status reporting program. 'this real-time program provides needed management information as pieces are produced. What's more, the information is readily available to everyone in your organization.



LABOR CALCULATOR lets you accurately schedule your workload. Using the Shop Model setup in Estimator, this module calculates the labor and routing for each piece on the bill of material. Because you will know how much labor by shop process is on each job, you will be able to balance your releases to the shop.

CNC PARTS INTERFACE assists in programming your parts. By using your existing tool manufacturer's program, you can directly access the piecemark information from your bills of material database. This one-time input reduces manual entry and eliminates the chances for error.

The following tools have been programmed:

  • Peddinghaus Anglemaster
  • Peddinghaus Beam Line
  • Peddinghaus Drill Line
  • Peddinghaus Fabripunch
  • Peddinghaus Coper

Other machine tool modules are in development and testing. Please inquire about any needed tool.


Mill Order

  • Mult material to stock, drops, warehouse lengths or mill ordered lengths to determine the most economical way to purchase.
  • User defined saw and shear allowances reduce errors by eliminating manual calculations.
  • Individual multing parameters for every section let you buy material the way it is rolled at the mill.
  • You can inquire into stock and remnants to determine whether to buy material or use material that is on hand and available.

Purchase Order

  • Includes mill substitution of cut lengths to save labor.
  • Taxes and freight are automatically calculated. When an order is received, all costs are included in its inventory value.
  • Custom reporting capabilities allow you to view orders in any manner you wish.
  • Use the forms supplied and plain paper or modify the report to fit your existing forms.


  • Open stock, remnants, and job material are stored in a single database so the status of any piece can be changed easily without losing tracking or historical data.
  • History file maintains all adjustments to inventory, giving you a complete audit trail stored in a database for inquiry and tracking.
  • Heat numbers are retained when a piece has been cut to provide traceability for certification.
  • Remnants can be devalued when returned to stock to allow realistic inventory valuation.

Drawing Control

  • Provides Request for Information Letter so that you can keep track of requests and be prepared for meetings with full information.
  • Daily notice of overdue return from approval letters provides an expedited list of all past due paperwork.
  • Drawing log created and maintained automatically via transmittal creation.

Bills of Material and Production

  • Provides access to files produced by many computerized detailing systems to reduce input time and chance for error.
  • Uses fabricator or job standard connections to streamline input with less chance for error.
  • Piecemarks, and even entire drawings can be put on hold with just a single keystroke.
  • Cutting lists are interfaced to inventory through the Mill Order database to allow you to produce according to plan and eliminate costly last minute purchases.
  • Provides a direct link to CNC programs so that one entry can be used for the bill of material and to program CNC tools.
  • Labor can be calculated to establish standard production rates for employee and project evaluation.

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