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Make your software adapt to you for a change.

No one knows how to run your business better than you. That's why Steel Solutions builds in flexibility.

Visual Steel 2000 can be put to work in any size organization because of its modular design. And that's only the starting point of its flexibility. Open architecture provides complete access to all data within the system while pull down menus make it easy to adapt screens and reports to individual user needs. End result: no more bending over backwards to adapt your business to a computer program.

Already proven at work in the industry, Visual Steel 2000 integrates your business processes smoothly. What's more, it's fully integrated and offers true 32- bit performance.

EASY. Visual Steel 2000's windows interface is so intuitive, first-time users can go to work immediately. And there's complete online documentation that makes creating special reports or extended functions easy to produce and control.

BETTER. Visual Steel 2000 was developed in conjunction with Steel Service Corporation, a multi-plant steel company. Tested and retested by Steel Service, Steel 2000 came to market with a competitive edge. What's more, the company stays ahead both in function and technology. Recent introductions include bar coding and international shapes and sizes.

Visual Steel 2000 is totally integrated so you can enter data only once to provide management information throughout your organization. The four basic modules can be purchased and implemented independently or as a complete steel fabrication management solution.

Estimator lets you estimate the way you fabricate and fabricate the way you estimate. Because it links to other Visual Steel 2000 modules, you can monitor projects from the bid to the bank.


Fabricator manages all project information. Its mill order module gives you total control over acquiring and applying material. The inventory module provides state-of-the-art control and meets requirements of a job shop fabricator or service center.

Production control is the engine that drives Fabricator. Bills of material can be entered manually from shop drawings or automatically through files created by most computerized detailing systems. Labor calculator and CNC parts programming modules are also available.

Service Center handles all aspects of managing a steel service center or warehouse, moving orders through every stage from quote to receivable.

Bar Code provides a strategic advantage to steel fabricators who want dramatic improvements throughout their operation. It improves overall reliability and timelines of information for making sound, effective business decisions.


software that flexes

Ease of Use

  • Pull down menus and one-button scrolling • HTML style online help
  • Windows based functionality • Full mouse support
  • Unprecedented browse and change capabilities

Flexible Power

  • Created in Visual FoxPro, the most advanced relational database management system available for microcomputers
  • Open architecture design provides access to all data in the system for extended use
  • Supports international shapes and sizes
  • Estimator allows switching between metric and imperial measurements within a job
  • Advanced error handling and reporting routines
  • Automatic file compatibility with most computerized detailing systems
  • Multi-plant support available
  • Portable to a variety of platforms
  • State-of-the-art control over report content and destination
  • Custom material specific input screens
  • Automatic access to extended memory
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities
  • CNC tool interface capability
  • Automatic production recording with CNC equipment

Superior Support

  • Full technical documentation
  • Online telephone support
  • Hands on training
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Frequent enhancement updates

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