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Turn your service center into a profit center.

SERVICE CENTER lets you turn quotes into receivables that turn into profits. A comprehensive program designed to handle all aspects of managing a steel service center or warehouse operation, Service Center automatically moves your orders from quote to receivables. Because it saves staff time, you earn higher profits.

Part of an entire family of fully integrated software to manage every aspect of steel sales and fabrication, Service Center includes the inventory and purchase order modules from Visual Steel 2000’s Fabricator program.

  • Service Center manages phone quotations, shop orders, delivery tickets, accounts receivable, material requisitions, credit review, job cost, profit/loss statements, and more.
  • Move a phone quotation to a shop order with only a few keystrokes. With a few more keystrokes, the shop order becomes an invoice to the customer. A record of the receivable is created, and payments received automatically updates all necessary accounting files.

Service Center works in tandem with other Visual Steel 2000 modules. Integration allows simultaneous access to the inventory system a distinct advantage to organizations that operate a fabrication plant and a service center or steel warehouse.

Total Management Integration

Service Center includes the following Visual Steel 2000 modules:

  • Inventory—The most flexible cataloging capabilities on the market allow the user to completely define shapes, sizes, and alloys. Inventory tracks your stock inventory and drops with no need to set up a different Item No. for each length of drop.
  • Purchase Order—Includes back order capabilities and material requisitions for combining small orders for more economical buying. Use the same program and forms to purchase your raw materials and your office supplies.
  • Accounts Receivable—Control your cash and checks with one easy to use program. Will even print your daily deposit slip for you.

Visual Steel 2000

The most advanced steel fabrication management program on the market, Visual Steel 2000 can be put to work efficiently in any size organization. While the program meets the needs of the most demanding user, its modular design allows you to implement only the functions you require as needed.

Visual Steel 2000 is a completely integrated steel fabrication management program. Other Visual Steel 2000 modules include Estimator, Fabricator and Bar Code.


  • You control how inventory is charged to a project.

    Last in, first out - First in, first out - Highest price out first - Average Price

  • Choose manual or automatic selection of material based on material code
  • Complete security and password restriction by user for every menu item
  • Pick the level of traceability you want by material code. Store your like material as one item number or let Service Center keep track of it by heat number, supplier, purchase order number, etc.


  • Eight different pricing schemes in addition to standard "ABCD" prices
  • Easy to use pricing change program for special promotions
  • Flexible enough to allow the salesman to charge a net price for the entire ticket and eliminate line by line prices


  • Enter material by item number or material size. No need to memorize catalog numbers
  • Function keys speed up order tracking
  • Material is automatically reserved as the order is entered
  • Back orders, when taken, will create a material requisition and a new ticket for future satisfaction
  • Additional charge for shop labor is easily included
  • Can include charge for buyouts
  • Delivery or processing notes can be added to the ticket


  • Print quotes immediately or at a later time
  • Re-route printed output to any printer in a network, including warehouse printer
  • Multi-use form can be used for pick ticket, shop work order, customer pickup, and delivery ticket
  • Quotes are entered just like orders
  • Quotes can be dated to expire on a selected date
  • Turn a quote into an order with a few keystrokes
  • Easily edit a newly converted order to add or revise its contents


  • Each salesman can be set up with his own commission structure; can have unique G/L sales and cost of goods account numbers
  • Report salesman's total sales and profitability by month TAXES
  • Set up an unlimited number of tax codes
  • Each line item on a sales ticket can be taxed at a different percentage


  • Completely integrated to the accounts receivable module
  • Credit check automatically at time of an order
  • Store unique notes to print on the delivery ticket for each customer special delivery instructions or whatever you like


  • Cash, on account, and COD orders
  • Print invoices on demand
  • Print separate invoices for each ticket or combine invoices for the same customer
  • Monthly invoice analysis includes profitability and total material cost for each invoice


  • Tax Totals
  • Totals by Salesman
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Report, and more


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